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Orphans of the Storm is a non-profit, 501c3, located in Armstrong County. We were established in 1969 to provide temporary shelter for unwanted and abused animals. We match lovable animals with loving forever homes, educate the public on humane, responsible care of all animals, and promote spaying and neutering to reduce companion animal overpopulation. Orphans of the Storm is a no-kill animal shelter. This means we euthanize an animal only if it is suffering with no hope to be cured, or if the animal is a danger to people or other animals. 
Bethann Galbriath, Shelter Manager
Board of Directors:
Nancy Pierce, President
Henry Wojciekowski,Treasurer
Dyan Rachuba, Secretary
Elaine Crytzer
Darlene Moorhead
Phil Tack
Liz White
Phyllis Wiles
In memory of our founder, Gladine Wiles.

Orphans of the Storm  

PA 85, Kittanning, PA 16201          724.548.4520            orphansofthestorm@hotmail.com