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What do do if you must give up your pet, or if you find an animal (tame or wild).

Orphans of the Storm is a no-kill shelter. This means we can only accept animals as other animals are adopted and sometimes are not able to take in more animals. If you must find a home for your pet, or if you have found a stray animal, please call us to see if we can help.
At certain times of the year (kitten season) we do not accept felines, however, you can add your name to a waiting list to get the animal in.
Tips Before Giving Up Your Pet


Click here if you are considering taking him to a shelter.

Click here for tips on finding your pet a new home.


Other Animal Shelters Who May Be Able to Help

Call animal shelters before taking an animal there to see if they are able to help you. Click here for a list of animal shelters and rescues near you.

If you find a dog with an Armstrong County license, you can locate the owner by clicking here!

Injured Stray Domestic Animal
If you find an injured stray animal after hours please contact the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Clinic at (412) 366-3400. You will need to take responsibility for the animal, or relinquish it for treatment/care.
Injured Wild Animal

If you find injured wildlife, please contact the Humane Animal Rescue Wildlife Center at (412) 345-7300 x500.

Click here for tips from Wildlife Works, a wildlife rescue/rehab center located in Youngwood, Pa.

Click here for wildlife rehabilitators in Pennsylvania.


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