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Hot Weather Pet Care

Did you know it is illegal to leave pets in hot cars?


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When it's HOT,  your pet needs special care. Here are tips from Orphans of the Storm to enjoy the Dog Days of Summer while keeping your pet comfortable and safe:


*  Make sure that your pet has plenty of clean water and is able to escape the heat. Make sure they have shade, besides a doghouse! Or, better yet, bring them inside!


*  Leave your dog at home when the temperatures soar. Never leave him in a parked car on a warm day.  On a hot summer day the inside of your car heats up very quickly. For example, the temperature can go from 85 degrees to 102 degrees Fahrenheit in only ten minutes - even with the windows cracked!


*  Would you want to be out in the heat with a fur coat? Even if your pet is your regular walking or jogging partner, give him the day off when the temperatures rise.  

*  Do not let your dog hang his head out of a moving car, as rocks or tree limbs may hit your pet, or he could lose his balance and fall out. 


*  Never allow your pet to ride in the back of pick-up trucks. A sudden turn or stop will throw your animal out of the vehicle.


*  If your pet is overcome by heat exhaustion, cool him off with cold water and ice, and have your veterinarian check him as soon as possible.    


     * If you see an animal at risk, contact your local police, or state police. The animals can not speak for themselves, and depend on you!           

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