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Humane Buddy Program

Everyone can experience a crisis in their life when taking care of a companion animal becomes difficult, if not impossible.

And our companion animals help us get through those difficult times.

Keeping beloved pets in loving homes with their people is the goal of the Humane Buddy program.

Humane Buddy volunteers help by:

Walking an elderly or sick neighbor's dog,

Transporting pets to veterinarians,

Delivering food from our Pet Pantry,

Building shelters or fencing for horses and other outside animals,

Bathing and grooming,

and more.

If you would like to volunteer, or donate supplies when needed, please complete the following form and you will be placed on our "Humane Buddy Alert" list.

You will get notified when we need caring hands, supplies or talents to keep a loved companion animal in his or her loving home.

Thank you for helping the animals, and the people who love them.

Humane Buddy Sign-Up Form

Volunteer your time, talents or supplies

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