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Our Humane Program


Orphans of the Storm thanks the Armstrong County District Attorney (DA), Katie Charlton, for her support of this program. Click here for the story.


Our humane police officer (HPO) investigates cases relating to animals who are victims of cruelty, neglect, dog fighting, abandonment and other mistreatment in Armstrong County. Please see the bottom of this page for other animal-related calls.

If you see an animal at risk it is important that you act. The animals can not speak for themselves and depend on you! 

When to Report


Know the law. Before reporting abuse or neglect, understand the Pennsylvania laws that protect animals. Click here for the Cruelty to Animals statute and here for a newer law that strengthens our state's cruelty laws. We can only address illegal situations. Remember, even if you would not care for an animal the way someone else does, if they are not breaking the law, not much can be done.

Know the area. Our humane officer can only investigate in Armstrong County. It is important that you provide the township where the incident is occurring. Click here if the situation is outside our county.

Be honest. Because our HPO is limited on time, following up on unsubstantiated situations means she may not be able to follow up on animals that really need help.


Photos and videos help. Legally obtained footage of the situation will help us understand the situation.

How to Report

  1. To report the incident, call the DA's office at 724.548.3240 during regular work hours. If it is an emergency, and after work hours, contact your local police. Only call if you have firsthand knowledge. 

    • Only call if you have firsthand knowledge. Hearsay and secondhand information cannot be investigated.

    • Provide an address or location including the township; a detailed description of the concern; and a phone number where you can be reached.

    • Do not call multiple agencies with the same report.

  2. The DA will work with local police and the humane agent to schedule an investigation.

  3. The HPO will contact you for information.

  4. If you do not hear back and the issue is not resolved, call the shelter at 724.548.4520.

Other Animal Issues and Calls

For other animal calls not involving cruelty or neglect, click here for who to contact.

Join us! Humane Buddy's Program

Help your neighbor and help keep cherished pets in loving homes. Click here to learn about our Humane Buddy's program!

Gina & puppies before rescue.


Gina adopted (puppies adopted, also!)