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Patrick when rescued from a hoarding case. See how he looks now at the bottom of this page.

Our Humane Program


Our humane police officer (HPO) investigates cases relating to animals who are victims of cruelty, neglect, dog fighting, abandonment and other mistreatment in Armstrong County. Please see the bottom of this page for other animal-related calls.

When to Report


  1. Know the law. We can only address illegal situations. Click the above Humane Laws brochure for laws protecting companion animals. 

  2. Know the area. Our humane officer can only investigate in Armstrong County. Click here if the situation is outside our county.

  3. Be honest. Unsubstantiated calls may mean our humane officer may not be able to follow up on animals really needing help.

How to Report

To report the incident, email our humane officer at humaneofficerac@gmail.comInclude:


  1. The specific law being broken (refer to the above Humane Laws button).

  2. The Armstrong County address/  location / township of the incident.

  3. A detailed description of what YOU observed or witnessed.

  4. Your name and phone number. (Will not be disclosed to the suspect during the investigation.)

  5. Legally obtained photos/ videos.

Humane Program Wish List

Whom to call for other animal issues


Join Us! Humane Buddy Program

Thank you to the Armstrong County District Attorney (DA), Katie Charlton for her support of this program. Click here for the story.

Patrick NOW.jpg

Patrick, today. 
Waiting for his forever home.